The JETT Consulting Sales Training Program starts by meeting with your sales manager and then your salespeople individually. Salespeople will be observed in the field to determine specific aspects to develop and gain insight of your industry. Once I have gathered specific information, the sales team will proceed to seminar training at your facility or chosen location where they will be consulted on all aspects of the sales process.

(Positive Mental Attitude, Sales Planning, Positioning, Presentations, Effective Listening and Observation Skills, Resolving Objections, Closing, Follow Up, and Cold Calling)


Next, I will spend time in the sales offices giving first hand instruction and demonstration on call scheduling and planning. Finally, I will go into the sales field with each salesperson individually to coach on all aspects of the sales process, especially closing. At this point, I will also supply training for �cold calls� and demonstrate by example strategic techniques designed to utilize time in the field.